Natura Vive, Skylodge, Sacred Valley, Perú

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⛰️That one time we got bored of traditional hotels & decided to sleep in a capsule on the side of a mountain! ⛰️

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All the Way UP!

After leaving our bags in Cusco, we began our 3 hour drive up north. Up till now, I just thought we were going to spend the night in one of the scariest hotels on Earth. Known as the world’s only Million Star Hotel, the Sky Lodge Adventure Suites in Sacred Valley really did live up to its name.

We arrived at base around 230pm and got acquainted with Gato (Cat in Spanish) & Guillermo – our guides up the mountain.


Getting Up

You have to use rungs on the surface of the mountain to make your way up, known as a via ferrata. A little like a monkey. I must admit, I was terrified at first. But after a few minutes, I got used to it and my inner adrenaline junkie started to take over. That being said, you have to cross a gap in the mountain by walking on a tight rope, with nothing but a thin wire holding you. Scariest 60 seconds of my life.

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 Dining up High

We arrived to our capsule around 7pm and headed straight into the dinner pod. Natura Vive used to serve meals above the pod, but due to how cold it gets, they’ve built their very own dining pod. Gourmet food, red wine, teas & coffees on free flow. This was a great way to end the exhilaration from climbing that mountain.

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The Capsule

1200ft high in a transparent pod, just holding on to dear life on the side of a rock face. The bed was probably the most comfortable beds we’ve ever slept in (not exxagerating). There are 2 extra single beds as well if you are planning to visit with the family. There is no heat or A/C (not that you’ll need it), so be sure to bring a significant other for body heat insulation. With millions of stars surrounding you, its was easily the prettiest night.IMG_4648 copyDSCF0742 DSCF0752 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAskylodge_020715_09-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tha Bathroom

It’s a dry bathroom system where by, ladies, you’ll have to pee into a bowl and then pour it down a urinal. Yes. This was something, but Natura Vive have actually created a system so that guests could use the toilet, while caring for the environment at the same time.Skylodge-bathroom

The Mornin’ After

A 5.30am sunrise never looked so good!!


All the Way Down!

After taking our 1000000000th photograph, we began the journey down – via Zipline! 13 ziplines to be exact. I actually don’t think I’ve ever been so tired, bruised and excited all at the same time!


I would highly highly highly recommend this – Just before headed to Machu Pichhu, give this a go! The Skylodge Adventure Suites gets booked up pretty quick, so book in advance! Special thanks to our friends at Blue Sky Escapes for making this happen!


For any other questions & tips on what to pack etc, get in touch with me at 🙂