10 Tips for Every Globe Trotter


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There are always two types of travelers – one who books a trip on a whim and just takes each day as it comes, and the other – a meticulous planner, with an excel spreadsheet of restaurants to try and wonders of the world to photograph. Personally, I like the organization, and my travel buddy is more than able to get us from A to Z without a problem. With a mix of anal-excel-spreedsheeting + street smartness, I thought of a few tips that may help make your next trip a little less stressful & a little more enjoyable.

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1.  Instead of looking everywhere online, always check out SkyScanner first for the cheapest and best routes for the places you are planning to travel to and from. They provide a comprehensive list of timings, prices and routes and you can add different filters to look for exactly how you would like to travel.

IMG_4287 2.  Pack all your valuables in your carry on luggage. The last thing you want is for baggage to get lost and there goes your expensive jewellery , camera equiptment or whatever you hold dear. Make sure to check the weight & size restrictions for carry on luggage first though.

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3.  Always print documents like visas and carry a copy of your birth cert with you. Invest in a travel document wallet. Its just a little bigger than a normal wallet, but it helps keep everything organized and neat.

h9IMG_4297 4.  Always always travel with locks on your bags. Carry on and check in. The number of shady people in planes and airports is ridiculous. Better to be safe than sorry!

5.  Plan your outfits – I usually lay out my clothes, shoes & accessories im going to wear in one look, and take pictures of them so I don’t waste time deciding.

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6.  If you can, make reservations at restaurants that you know are hot spots. This is where the anal excel-ing comes in. Book in advance to ensure you don’t waste time and money eating at a mediocre restaurant, in a country that you only have so much time in. Check Instagram for geolocations & restaurants.

7.  Check up on important events that may be happening in the country, on the dates that you are travelling. You don’t want to be caught in the middle of a Songkran festival in Thailand while trying to rush traffic to get to your flight, for instance.


8.  Prepare yourself for the flight, if it’s a long haul flight, I usually go sans makeup, carry a set of in flight PJS and my in flight beauty essentials in travel sizes. I have absolutely no shame and will slap on a face, eye & lip mask during my flight.

9.  Be wary of the people picking you up at airports, always double check that the sign with your name on it is really from the hotel you are staying at and not someone to scam you, especially in places where you do not speak the national language. There is usually a small stamp on the bottom corners of signs that prove they are legit.

10.  Invest in a multi port converter plug that will allow you to use your electronics in whichever country you are in. Make sure to check the voltage though, to prevent any hair irons from unnecessarily burning up and busting.


If you have your travel ritual spot on, share your tips down below! 🙂


Location: Singapore |  Photography: Syarpeon