Repeat Offender


| Reusing your wedding clothes |

For a while now, Ive wanted to post about how and why you should be reusing your wedding clothes. Indian weddings especially, cost a bomb. Half that bomb goes on bridal wear, and I hate spending money on things I can only wear once.

I for one, think that:

a) The bridal outfits & their price tags have been made FULL use of  by not only being repeated, but by garnering discussions amongst fellow wedding goers. Score!

b) Indian outfits usually come as a set & managing to break them apart and style them with different pieces, makes me feel like the fashionista I am not.


c) I actually liked what I chose and simply wanted to wear em again?

Yes its true. The amount of eye rolls and judgemental ‘you’re wearing that again?!’ I have received has reached double figures status. But it makes me so happy to be able to share pieces with the other significant women in my life & hopefully one day, I’ll have someone I can pass these on to.

OH and my husband is a serial outfit repeater too. Just saying.

Vishal’s Tarun Tahiliani Sherwani was worn at our Mehendi & then at a friends engagement a year later.


His reception tuxedo (which btw was made by his company & is THE place to go for bespoke suiting) was worn at his cousins reception a year later.

recepBeFunky Collage

The perks of getting a simple & classic Sherwani means you get to wear it to other people’s weddings.


I wore the blouse from a Sonakshi Raaj sari gown with a Ganesh painted lengha made by Anjali Mahtani.


This Anamika Khanna dhoti sari saw its first night out at my welcome dinner. I then paired it with white pants and some killer heels at a wedding dinner a year later.


I really wanted to have some part of my nani at my wedding, so I restored her wedding lengha and wore it with a green velvet body suit, also by Anjali. Then, I styled it with high waisted jeans and a vintage bag for a Diwali party.


This vintage flamenco outfit belongs to my aunt in Spain & was a hand me down 3 or 4 years after she wore it. Perfect for my Spanish themed Sangeet.


She also wore this stunning Manish Malhotra lengha on my wedding day in Chiag Mai. I removed the can can from the skirt to make it less va va voom & wore it for another wedding in Singapore.


This is my FAVOURITE. I wore a Manish Malhotra 2 piece for my reception and then broke it apart by styling the skirt with a Gaurav Gupta sari blouse AND Yeezy’s – Yes. A lot of eye rolls. One by Manish himself, who attended the wedding & didn’t approve of my DIY lengha. Lol. Full blog post.


And then, styled the cape with a pair of Alin Le Kal white pants I (couldn’t afford, but loved– so copied), & made myself.


This red number was also a hand-me-down-gown my aunt wore at my wedding reception.


Lastly, I can’t tell you how many times I have used my wedding clutch in 151 different ways.

wedding clutch

I hope you enjoyed this & get inspired to do the same with your wedding wear. Ill try and figure out a way to restyle my pheras lengha at some point – which is proving to be challenging, for obvious reasons 😉