Loca por la Piña



I don’t know if you can tell, but I would live on a beach island for the rest of my life if I could. There’s nothing more I desire than bare feet in sand and the sound of waves crashing as I watch a magical sunset.

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Whilst on a beach though, you’d want the perfect accessory that holds your essentials. Nothing too big and nothing too small. This Luna bag by Kayu Designs is just that.

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Okay, to be specific:

  1. It is the perfect summer bag. It’ll fit your phone, sunglasses, wallet, kindle, travel sized perfume & hair brush & 56341 lipsticks that always seem to be swimming in any girls bag.
  2. It can be worn two ways: as a cross body/over the shoulder (the gold chain is really nice and sturdy) or the high-maintanence-clutch-on-the-elbow-at-the-beach.
  3. It has a pineapple on it. All you need is a piña colada & getting caught in the rain and nothing else.

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In my previous post, I mentioned Give50’s charity pop-up shop happening soon in Singapore and this is just another gorgeously cute item you can lay your paws on at the event. 50% of proceeds from the events sales will go to the Nai Disha charity in India. Keep watching this space for more updates on Give50.