FiDi, 2016.


| Globe Trotting Scientist takes you through New York City’s Financial District (FiDi), the Flat Iron Building and NYU’s campus |



Getting to go through the 9/11 Memorial with my family was actually very eye-opening and at the same time tear jerking after a while. Hearing the voice messages of passengers to their loved ones or actual shoes of the people caught in the rubble is  something I’ll never forget.

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Flat Iron Building


New York University


NYU Stern is where my husband graduated as Valedictorian so we had to take a tour of the campus & relive his old uni days.

Washington Square Park is actually a part of NYU and it is definitely one of the best parks I’ve been to. You’ll find people doing yoga on one end, chess players on the other & even squirrels scattered around you as you lay out and relax.

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