ॐ Daily Cup of Yoga | दैनिक योग



My discovery of gratitude & patience started with yoga. It’s such a simple and yet hardcore practice that teaches you how to appreciate yourself through physical movements & exploration of your inner body. I’m not anywhere close to being a professional yoga anything, but I have come to realise the magic felt with daily practice. The struggles felt in our daily life only lead to more ‘struggle’ the next day, but I’ve found that with yoga, I’m able to drop it and move, centre my mind & body and allow myself to focus on me – be it just for the hour. 

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Have you ever meditated? Or are you like me – tangled in the wanting/not wanting to commit to sitting my ass down & just letting go? Meditating is probably the last thing I would make time for in my day, which in retrospect, should be THE way to start the day. Having the opportunity to stop, not think & move from commotion to serenity can help like nothing else. 

Yoga has been in my life for about a year now, but I find I carry it with me all the time. It did not change my life immediately, but slowly, I found improvement in my strength, ability to think & write more, surrender-ability & just be able to choose which battles of life I wanted to spend time combating. 

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Everybody’s experience is different. Whether you’re practicing in a studio, or at home (while giving your husband a massage) using YogaGlo, or in paradise, at the end of the day, we’re all after one thing – learning more about our inner selves. It’s no race, but always try to go deeper into your practice with each session & always inhale – even when life’s a bitch.