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So I don’t know about you, but having grown up in Singapore, the local cuisine has really grown on me. Traditional ‘hawker’ style dishes like Chicken rice & Laksa are a few of my favourites. So, when Violet Oon opened up National Kitchen, it was a definite must try.

Violet Oon herself is an ex-journalist, famed food critic, author & cooking show host and has done well opening up National Kitchen at the National Gallery & Bukit Timah. It’s slightly opulent Peranakan food allows you to reminisce in that period, even if you’ve never experienced it.

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Albeit expensive, the dishes are served in a very elegant manner with the walls being decorated with beautiful floral Peranakan tiles, and authentic photos of the cooks and their heritage. It is one restaurant I’d happily recommend to foreigners. Although Id much rather prefer if they tried out our local foods in a much more ‘local’ fashion, if you know what I mean.

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Here are some of the dishes we tried.

The Pong Tauhu Soup (SGD $11) is a prawn bisque, garnished with a large ball of pork & bean curd dumplings in a Nonya sauce with Julienned bamboo shoots. This was quite average in my opinion. Nothing too mind blowing & nothing too terrible at the same time.


The Coronation Chicken in Wanton Leaf Cup (SGD $9) was a delight. It was diced chicken, served with a creamy curry sauce & served with golden raisin chutney in a crispy wanton leaf cup. The chicken tasted beautiful, with the raisin chutney really adding some sweetness to the curry flavour.

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Then, we opted for the Chicken Lemak (SGD $19) and the Dry Laksa (SGD $22), which were both good. The Chicken Lemak were basically boneless chicken pieces, stewed with kaffir lime leaves, coconut cream & spices. A little on the heavier side for me, but they were enjoyable nonetheless with their Roti Jala (SGD $7), which are traditional Nonya style pancakes with a lace design to them.

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The dry laksa was a much better dish for me. This was basically freshly cooked rice noodles, mixed in with Violet’s secret laksa gravy, some beancurd, prawns and tau pok. Not too spicy or sweet, and the noodles were light despite having soaked in the rich spicy laksa gravy.


Note that no pork/lard is used in this restaurant.

Restaurant Information

Add: National Gallery, 1 St Andrews Road #02-01 Singapore 178957 | 881 Bukit Timah Rd, 279893

Tel: 9834 9935 | 6468 5430

Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm (last order 2:30pm), 6pm – 11pm (last order 9:30pm), Closed on Mondays


,                