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ॐ | Henna & Vishal, Shangri-La, Chiang Mai, Thailand |ॐ


Vishal & I got married on the 14th of February 2015, a day I find lucky seeing as it is my grandparents anniversary as well. Since they couldn’t be there, I loved wearing her vintage pieces and remembering their day as I got married. Special thank you to our families & friends for making this unforgettable. Click below to watch the highlights of our wedding.

The Way We Met


Read all about how we met & what we thought of each other here.

The Proposal

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Call it magic. Read about it here.

Wedding Theme

Save The Date

Our Save The Date was done in a video format, which is not very conventional. Viva motion studios shot our video, giving it a 1920s vibe. Watch it here.

Wedding card

Our wedding stationary was inspired by our love of travel. We wanted something original and different and were very particular with the wordings & the printing quality. Ken’s Collections executed this perfectly & we ended up very pleasantly surprised with the way it turned out in the end. You can shop our exact card here.

To compliment the wedding cards, we decided to distribute gifts that had a Spanish theme to them. My family in Spain helped a great deal sourcing out goodies that were typically Spanish & delicious at the same time. Something I have not seen many people do before. El Corte Ingles is a great place to shop for things in Spain, but if you have access to factory outlets, you can buy these items in bulk, which makes all the difference, especially with 400 people attending your wedding.



At a destination wedding, most of your guests will be taking the effort of flying down specifically for your wedding. You need to keep their rooms stocked with basic necessities so that they feel comfortable. We included goody bags that had a matching shawl as we felt the guests would be able to use these after the wedding. We had the basic ‘after party junk food’ along with a Radha Krishna candle, a gold Ganesha chocolate & some other bits and bobs that made it such a fun welcome gift. Also remember to keep a wedding guide and a thank you note as a personal touch. Remember, people won’t be bringing your card to the wedding, so it is important to have a leaflet with a break down of the events & timings, the hospitality desk, hair and makeup salon schedules, map of the hotel & the key emergency contact numbers of people in charge. Also, don’t forget to include a section telling them a little about the country & what there is to do in their down time.

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wedding info 2

Wedding Website

Appy couple were great to work with and had very easy to follow template designs that we used to set up our wedding website. We used GoDaddy and registered for www.vishalhenna.com, which is no longer live, but you can click here to view our wedding website layout, check out the gallery & get a sense of our events.

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Entrance & Hospitality

It is so important to have a competent team at the hospitality desk to be able to guide guests to where they need to be and tend to their queries. Our decorator, Khun Krit, from Oriental Events decorated the entrance beautifully and it tied in with the overall theme we had going on. Around the hospitality desk, be sure to have a refreshments station with tea, coffee, water & juices, along with some light snacks for your guests throughout the wedding. We had dedicated hair stylists, makeup artists & a foot massage station to make sure that our guests were constantly feeling their best.


I personally think its really important to have signages to help direct your guest as to where and when your function will be.

poster poster 2

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Prewedding_0091-2-1600x2404photoshoot

Tie-Dye Asymmetrical Dres | Shoes


Pink & Black Backless Gown

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Black Gown | Vishal’s Suit

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White & Pastel Gown | Star Cuff


Rohit’s Janya 

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Read all about the Janya ceremony here.

BeFunky Collage4 Puja_0021-1600x1067 Puja_0047-1600x1067 Puja_Groom_0066-1600x2400

Blue & Gold Suit | Green Velvet Body Suit | Nani’s Vintage Gold Wedding Lengha | Nani’s Wedding Necklace | Purple Saree

Henna’s Mehendi

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Read all about the Mehendi ceremony here.

IMG_6042-1600x1068 Mehndi_0071 Mehndi_0226-1600x1067 BeFunky Collage10 BeFunky Collage8 copy Mehndi_0140-1600x1065 Mehndi_0104 Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.02.22 PM

Turquoise Beaded Top | Ganesh Lengha | Ear Cuff | Headpiece  BeFunky Collage7 Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 11.30.33 AM

As party favours, we had henna biscuits, Aum earrings and head pins & feather chokers.

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Engagement Ceremony

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Purple Dhoti Saree | Vishal’s Blue Ensemble

Navghari & Ghari Puja

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Read about the puja ceremony here.


Just like how I wore my grandma’s vintage wedding length for the Janya ceremony, my Mom chose to wear her vintage wedding blouse from the same set, which was incredibly beautiful.

Baile Flamenco / Sangeet

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Read about our Spanish twist to your traditional Sangeet’s heredRzWZIDGaOvgO5umbtCnG1P-LLbiayhG3s9H4MqpJHM BeFunky Collage sangeet Sangeet_0001-1600x1067   BeFunky Collage1 BeFunky Collage2 Sangeet_0108-1600x1067  Sangeet_0328 Sangeet_0332 Sangeet_0330-1600x1067 Sangeet_0313-1600x1065 Sangeet_0269-1600x2404 Sangeet_0211 san Sangeet_0346

Pink  Vintage Flamenca | White Flamenca | Green Flamenca | Red Flamenca | Vishal’s Torrero: all from Spain.

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All of the party favours distributed were sourced in Spain.

Vishal’s Baraat

Read all about the Baraat ceremony here.

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The Wedding Pheras

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Read about the traditions involved in a Hindu wedding here.

Wedding_0298-1600x1067 Wedding_0056 Wedding_0082-1600x1064 Wedding_0085-1600x1065 Wedding_0141-1600x2404 Wedding_0081-1600x1065 Wedding_0145-1600x2404 BeFunky Collage  BeFunky Collage (2)

As wedding favours, we distributed white chocolate lotuses to go with the theme of our lotus mandap & dholi & rose gold and silver heart bracelets since it was Valentine’s Day.

Wedding_0311-1600x1067 Wedding_0438-1600x1067 BeFunky Collage6Wedding_0005 Wedding_0492 Wedding_0361-1600x1067  wScreen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.01.50 PM Wedding_0519 BeFunky Collage1 Wedding_0526

The Wedding Dinner

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White Saree with Cape 

BeFunky Collage5 Dinner_0226 Dinner_0257

Black Lace Jumpsuit | Navy Birds of Paradise Gown

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The Reception

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To read all about our reception, click here.

Dinner2_0108-1600x2400  BeFunky Collage6 Dinner2_0109 Dinner2_0001-1600x1067r

I’m usually very shy with words & so decided to surprise my husband with a love letter written by me, that I had blown up and made into my backdrop – the one and only time I’d let the world see that kind of romance coming out of me 😉

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Instead of having a traditional guest book, we chose a wishing tree with falling stars where guests wrote their well wishes for us.

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Bartenders Joseph B. & his team were phenomenal. They even managed to give me a bar much like George Clooney had at his reception. Dinner2_0212 Dinner2_0151-1600x1067 r2   Dinner2_0317 IMG_5244 Dinner2_0164 (1) IMG_5220 94ECFF50-33F7-43D5-85D2-522CD0EE5B91 BeFunky Collage4  Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 2.59.47 PM

Grey + Purple Gown | Green Gown | Watch | Jewellery | Clutch

The wedding would not have gone smoothly without the help of these people: Below are clickable links to take you straight to their sites, but should you want a more in-depth review on them, email me at travelatory@gmail.com.

Hairdresser | Make-up | Planners | Decorator | DJ | Bartenders | Photographer

I really hope you enjoyed taking a peak into my fairytale.