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Esquina was born after a major fallout between genius, Gordon Ramsey & his star protege, Jason Atherton. Defined as ‘The Corner’ in Spanish, Esquina is literally located on a corner of Jiak Chuan Road in Singapore.

This hole-in-the-wall tapas bar has a real gritty vibe to it, with antique decor & bar stools that compliments its narrow bar and open kitchen concept. 

My mom’s the perfect Spanish chef in my opinion, so whenever I frequent a Spanish restaurant, Im often left with the feeling “it was good, but not as good as mom’s.” But I have to say, Esquina does come pretty close.

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The menu is diverse, with a vegetarian, seafood & meat option. But I have to say – these were my favourite dishes…


The Chorizo Croquetas (SGD $6 each)


Croquetas are my favourite Spanish snack. I could keep eating momma’s ones without realising how many I’ve devoured. These are deep fried and served golden brown, with a creamy filling complementing the little chorizo bits in it. They are served with a dollop of piquillo mayo on the top with gives it that extra zest it needs. These are relatively heavy and not as light and airy as my mom’s ones, so one is enough per person. 

The Saffron Paella (SGD $24)


This wonder gets prepared in front of you by first starting out with rimming a bowl with their signature saffron sauce. They then pan fry some red snapper to perfection and lay it a top a bed of al dente paella rice and top it off with chorizo slices and snow peas. 

The Sea Urchin, Crab & Lobster Bisque (SGD $22)


This dish is part of their classics and truly a wonder to eat. The bisque is served in the shell of the sea urchin, with a frothy gravy to bind all the flavours coming from the sea urchin, crab & lobster. They serve this dish with a spoonful of smoked herring roe and sea grapes, which compliments the dish wonderfully. 

The Grilled Spanish Octopus (SGD $28)


The octopus is grilled to perfection. They are quite big and chunky pieces, but when you bite into them, they are not overly chewey and have that ‘burnt to perfection’ smokey taste to them. The Jerusalem artichoke, burnt onion shavings and oyster leaves compliment the flavour of the octopus brilliantly. 

The BBC (SGD $15)


For dessert, we were after something different – something other than the usual chocolate soufflé. So, we opted for the BBC, which is essentially banana pieces, cubes of sponge cake and beer ice cream, topped with warm caramel sauce. This was like tucking into a warm blanket on a cold day. It was so warm and sweet, but mixed with the tangy beer ice cream gave it that perfect DNfzhssdhjbfafbsfhosfa in my mouth – if you know what i mean. 

The Mini Sangria Cones (Complimentary from the Chef)


If you stick around for long enough, the chef compliments you with mini sangria cones, which is essentially a berry ice cream on a mini ice cream cone. Nothing to die for, but its free and has a cleaver name, so why not?!


Restaurant Information

Address: 16 Jiak Chuan Rd, S(089267).

Tel: 6222 1616

Opening Hours:  12–2:30PM6–10:30PM

Outfit Information:

Vishal: Shirt | Jeans | Shoes

Henna: Shirt | Shorts | Laced up Booties | Necklace