Garden’s by the Bay | Singapore, 2016.


| Garden of Eden | 


Singapore is home to me. Already undoubtedly such an immaculate and grand city, Singapore amazes me with its constantly updated landscape. Its amazing that with a population of 5.5 million and with so much foot traffic, it is still always so well maintained. I recently explored Gardens by the Bay on an outing with my sister and it definitely wasn’t your average garden. The flower dome is massive and easy to get lost in, but I doubt anyone would mind getting lost in a dome with flowers & plants covering the size of 75 Olympic-sized swimming pools. There are thousands of different plants you can view from the Baobab trees, Succulent garden, Australian garden, South African & American garden, Mediterranean garden, Californian garden & the Olive grove. 

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The Supertrees, which are vertical gardens, some as tall as 16 stories high, come alive at night time between 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm. Watch these mystical trees either from under them or over them and feel like you’re an Avatar. Fun fact: More than 162, 900 plants cover the supertrees & are used for solar energy harvesting!

6463941-Super_Trees-Singapore IMG_4643 what-to-do-in-singapore-supertrees-gardens-by-the-bay

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of our Garden City!