Such Great Heights | Hong Kong, 2016.

Chinese New Year- Dragon


I’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of times now and it is always such fun. My husband spent a number of years working there before we got married, the chance of visiting for a few days is always way too exciting an opportunity to miss. We flew with Cathay Pacific, and their service and flight was very comfortable. The flight is only 3 ½ hours from Singapore, so not too bad – especially when you have endless episodes of House of Cards to keep you company.


HK’s always so lively and vibrant and awake – not quite like the lazy vibe Singapore has. I’ve never been to New York, but they say, HK is the NY of Asia. It definitely lives up to its ‘East meets West’ reputation and has the perfect mix of both when it comes to culture, lifestyle, food, shopping and architecture.

When we travel to HK, we usually stay on HK island, instead of Kowloon – just because everything is mainly on HK side. Malls like the IFC shopping Mall are just a stones throw away – something Ill never complain about. IFC is one of the biggest & most luxurious malls I’ve been to. Hating shopping myself, I don’t actually mind spending time in this mall just wondering around. It has a different vibe to it overall. Just FYI – shops here don’t open till 1030 am.


HK boasts one of the most stunning sky lines in Asia, which is actually pretty spectacular – if you take the time to enjoy it.


Getting lost in HK is actually a lot of fun. Wander around its streets and alleyways and explore all kinds of new stores. My recommendations are: Little Bao, Dragon – i (clickable links to reviews) and YardBird for restaurants and Stockton, Ozone and the Café Grey at the Upper House for bars, although the restaurants & bars along Lan Kwai Fong are pretty amazing.


We spent the first day of the Easter weekend with some friends in HK and then proceeded to Macau for the rest of it. We travelled via a 1 hour ferry ride and got to our hotel at the Sheraton. We dropped our bags off and tried not to waste time as we only had a few days to enjoy the company of our friends. So sleep was never much on the agenda.

Macau15Macau6Macau10 Macau11

Macau mainly involved a lot of food – with 8½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA giving us a truly mind blowing experience, gambling at The Venetian and a little bit of shopping – but mainly just getting some time to spend with friends and enjoying a new city.


While there, definitely catch the House of Dancing Waters Show at the City of Dreams. It is one of the world’s largest water extravaganzas and the theatrics are jaw droppingly amazing.


Hk is such an incredible city, with so much life and an amazing vibe and it is always a pleasure getting lost in it & experiencing something new at every corner. Check out the video for more!