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Known as Singapore’s best restaurants, does Iggy’s really live up to its standard? Named after restaurateur Ignatius Chan, Iggy’s is the first restaurant in Singapore to have landed a spot on the much sought after S. Pellegrino List.


Iggy’s cuisine is more complex than simple. Call it a fusion between European, Italian and Australian. They offer tasting menus at SGD$125++ for lunch, a dinner menu at SGD$195++ and a gastronomic menu at SGD$275++.

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Iggy’s menu changes, but what doesn’t is their presentation. Food gets presented in such a uniquely artistic way, that I’ve never experienced in a restaurant before. Things like the Seafood Greque with kyoto veggies, scallops and mackerel truly blew my mind.

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All the items that make a dish get meticulously assembled together that gives rise to a visual delight. Add that to a kaleidoscope of taste experiences you will have when you taste the food – makes for an amazing meal.

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The restaurant is not large and they have seating timings as well, which is a good thing, making sure it is never over crowded and people can enjoy their very expensive and very atas meal in peace.

All in all, Iggy’s aesthetics and beautifully tasting food is unique to its name and one dining experience you will definitely enjoy.

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Restaurant Information

Address: Level 3, The Hilton Hotel, 581 Orchard Road Singapore 238883

Tel: +65 6732 2234

Text: +65 8188 3200

Opening Hours: 12pm – 1:30pm (Mon-Fri Lunch), 7pm – 9:30pm (Mon-Sat Dinner), Closed Sun

Outfit Information

Vishal: Custom Pant & Shirt | Belt

Henna: White dress | Shoes | Clutch