Una Morena in Transit | Spain, 2015.



The Thadani’s, Daswani’s & Mirchandani’s

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Villa Dorada, Sotogrande


Malaga | Puerto Banus | Torremolinos


Da Bruno A Cabopino


Puerto Banus






It takes a mere 3 hours to get to Malaga from London, which made it the perfect destination to spend the new year. That and the fact that the entire side of my mum’s family is Spanish. I’m lucky enough to head off to Spain once a year, so this time, we thought we’d spend our time in Sotogrande, Cadiz. It is 25km east of Gibraltar, providing stunning views of hills, the sea and the Rock of Gibraltar.

We stayed at Villa Dorada, a part of the hideaways club in Sotogrande. The pictures speak for themselves, but this was a beautiful, traditional Meditteranean villa that just took our breath away. Sotogrande is not a very happening part of town, but it was perfectly wintery, quaint, sitting by the fire place sipping wine and laughing crazily with family type of place, which made it perfect.

For the new year celebration, we headed back to Ceuta, my mum’s birth place, which is actually a stones throw away from Morocco. Being there made me feel like a kid again, walking down familiar roads and eating my favourite pastries – reason enough to hop on a 20 hour plane.

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