Tōkyō e yōkoso 東京へようこそ | Tokyo, 2015.


Tokyo is the one place that oozes spirituality, respect and wellness. It was such an  eye-opening experience to be able to witness the religion, architecture and how down to earth people were there. Not to mention the food…

Tsukiji Fish Market

Our first stop was the Tsukiji fish market. They make up to $15 Million a day, just selling the freshest fish! Unfortunately, we did not make the 5am wake up call to witness the auctions, but just going in for lunch reinforced that fish really is the order of the day. The crowds were overwhelming and the seafood was so unbelievably fresh. It was amazing to catch a glimpse of these creatures we have under the sea.

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 Roppongi Hills

Roppongi is probably the most exciting and fun area of Tokyo. Majority of the bars and night clubs are located there, not to mention amazing restaurants for Tepanyaki & Yakitori’s. I’m not much of a clubbing person, but the bars and lounges to visit there were so amazing in their architecture and the way they offered their drinks. “Pick fruits out of this basket and Ill make you the freshest cocktail you’ve ever had!” (That was definitely true!) You have to go down some secret alley ways to get away from the mainstreet clubs – but it was definitely worth it.


We did not get much time in Shinjuku, but it is where most of the department stores like Takashimaya are. Walk down the alleys and you’ll find some cool Japanese fashion and very interesting and edible looking Lauderee makeup stores. Once you’re done shopping, head inide one of the department stores and stop by their food courts to buy the biggest, juiciest and sweetest peaches you will have in your life.

Emperor’s Palace at Chiyoda

Being the home of the Emperor of Japan & his wife, the scenery that this establishment offers is magnificent. The palace is set inside a HUGE tranquil park that really emphasized how beautiful Tokyo really is. Samurai houses speckled all over the park really made it feel like we were in a movie. It is such a stunning place to visit for a relaxing, cultural day. Even though a lot of the park is inaccessible to the public, it is still extremely large and a spectacular escape from the bustling Tokyo (you’ll definitely get your 10, 000 steps in for the day!)


Located in Chūō, Ginza is home to the most notoriously expensive cup of coffee! It’s beautiful to walk down and experience the life that it has. When you’re there, make sure to stop by Sushi Ichi. You will not find it unless you ask locals around that area as it is literally a ‘hole in the wall restaurant.’ However, when you do/if you are lucky enough to get a reservation (make it a month before) you will be in for the most epic Omakase in Tokyo. Literally.

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Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine 明治神宮

Being full of cultural places to see, one of Tokyo’s most inspiring shrine is the Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine. You enter through a large overarching dome and walk past a beautiful surrounding, speckled with cricket sounds. You will pass the picturesque barrels of sake that this shrine is so famous for. As you continue on, you reach the temple courtyard. Before entering, it is considered good luck to wash your hands and have a sip of their water reserve. The courtyard is massive, with wishes posted on wooden cards, gongs going off during the prayer procession and just people praying and giving thanks for their lives.

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Located in Shibuya, Harajuku was an incredibly fun street to walk down. It was absolutely packed! People dressed in amazing outfits, eating crepes and frequenting Kawaii stores. After that, we headed down Cat street, which was probably the chicest street I’ve ever walked down. From high street to premium retailers, it was one of the best areas I’ve shopped at. Not to mention, there are Corona carts, being rolled down the street to encourage people to stop by for a beer at their oasis.

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Shibuya Crossing

Known as the ‘Scramble crossing’, this famous cross road can be found just outside the train stop. Whether walked in the day or at night, you are guranteed a different experience each time. It is quite a sight to see hundreds of people crossing each time the light turns green. I myself got to enjoy the fun by crossing the roads 3 times, because, why not?

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Tokyo really is one busy busy country, but totally amazing!

ありがとう Arigatō!